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Privacy & Security collects user’s personal information in their account when then sign up and process their data to make payment when they make a purshase. uses the user information to customize the website based on their preferences, to process user’s requests, and to communicate news and updates. will not sell or give access to user’s personally identifiable information to other entities or people except: 1) to enable merchants providing services or products the user’s requested. These merchants can only use the personally identifiable information to assist the user, 2) to respond to court orders or legal requests, and 3) if the user provided consent to share their information. aims to protect the user privacy and limit access to user private information.
Returns & Replacements is your location for the best service and product online purchase in Qatar. Except as required by law, a User is not entitled to a refund if the User simply changes their mind or makes a wrong decision.  We will provide you with plenty of details about the service or product in the most clear terms to help you develop a deep understanding of the purchased item. We hope you take the time to read the service or product details and conditions. We also provide the details of the merchants and third party sellers to help you make the right decision. reserves the right to change the return policy without notifications. For some products and service, we provide more specific terms about the return policy for the particular item that can overwrite parts of the return policy provided in this page.
If after the service purchase, you find the deal not to your liking please use your voucher as a gift to a friend or a relative J. is not responsible for the quality of delivered services. If you feel the quality of the service by the merchant is not to your standards, please try to resolve it with the merchant first. If there is a serious concern, let us know and we can intervene to help resolve the issue for your best interests. We will make sure to convey all your concerns to the merchant for their review as per their refund policies & procedures.

Please note that refunds related directly to us will be handled by not by the merchants. Help us reduce these cases by reviewing all product, service and merchant details before you purchase an item.

All product purchases made on are final and there are No Refunds. The customer is responsible for the choices regarding the product description (color, size, model). The customer needs to read all the product information especially the price and what it covers. Finally, the customer is responsible to protect his/her account from use by family members or friends and all purchases/payment from account is the responsibility of the account owner.

Exceptions to the No Refund policy are made for the following reasons:
- Product was damaged en-route to your door;
- Product was not delivered (lost by carrier);

By making a product purchase on, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Products “No Refund” Policy.

Product Warranty:
For the deals, unless mentioned in the fine print, products are NOT covered under warranty. For the store products and depending on the category, they are under conventional warranty. All the consumer electronics are under one year warranty unless mentioned in the fineprint. 

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Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Note that your credit card information are not used not stored in Your Credit card information are securely transferred between the customer web browser and the payment gateway. will be notified only about the payment status.  
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Updating Account Information
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