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    Black&Decker Toaster Oven TRO60-B5 42 Ltr, original Microwave, home appliances at

    Black & Decker Toaster Oven TRO60-B5 42 Ltr

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    Regular Price: QAR640.00

    Special Price: QAR529.00

    Black & Decker TRO60 1800W Toaster Oven features 42 liter capacity. It has interesting features such as Convection function, Toast/Bake/Broil function, Rotisserie and rotisserie handle, Non-stick food tray and crumb tray, Adjustable timer, Wire rack and food tray with handle, etc.

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    Black&Decker Toaster Oven TRO55-B5 35 Ltr, original Microwave, home appliances at

    Black & Decker Toaster Oven Griller TRO55-B5

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    Regular Price: QAR569.00

    Special Price: QAR459.00

    Black & Decker 35 Liters Toaster Oven, Black - TRO55-B5 is spacious with a capacity of 35 liters and 1500 watts power for the perfect toast and bake with less time consumption.

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  3. 5% off
    Lacor Toaster "tempo" 870 W buy  high-quality products from

    LACOR Toaster Tempo 870W

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    Regular Price: QAR199.00

    Special Price: QAR189.00

    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 
    • Start your day with some tasty toasts prepared by Lacor Toaster tempo
    • Eat breakfast like a king, All you have to is insert the slice of bread and click the button!
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     LACOR 6 slots buffet toaster  buy  high-quality products from

    LACOR 6 slots buffet toaster

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    Regular Price: QAR1,100.00

    Special Price: QAR899.00

    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day 
    • Start your day with some tasty toasts prepared by Lacor buffet toaster 
    • Eat breakfast like a king, All you have to is insert the slices  of bread and click the button!
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  5. Bread Defrosting solutions fast toasting tools and utensils

    Moulinex Stainless Steel Toaster 850W

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    The stainless steel Moulinex LT260827 Toaster is the ideal accessory to grace your new kitchen counter with. This Toaster provides enough assurance about the fact that this utensil won't disappoint. Housing some amazing features, this toaster oven will soon become your favorite breakfast companion.

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  6. Cooking & Baking - BOSCH products in qatar - Bosch Home Appliances

    Bosch Contact Grill 1800W Red

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    The powerful 1800W contact grill from Bosch will never seize to fail you as it has a quick heat up system that constantly keeps the grill's temperature intact. This contact grill that heats from the top and the bottom is perfect for all kinds of occasions at anytime. With its large grilling surface, you'll never have to worry about waiting for too long, or putting less quantity of food to grill, be brave and put large amount of food on the surface and enjoy the smell of grilled, delicious food.

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  7. Bosch 2 Slice Toaster 900W online at

    Bosch 2 Slice Toaster 900W

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    The Bosch Private Collection is a range of stylish toasters with matching kettles to meet your needs and look great in the kitchen. The Toaster has a superior gloss white finish. It has an electronic browning control for great results to your choice, and has a frozen bread setting and cancel button. The variable width slots are self-centering giving even results. It features a warming rack for warming croissants.

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  8. Toasters - Bosch Home Appliances

    Bosch Slice Toaster 980W

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    Stylish sleek black finish that with a modern touch to fill your kitchen. Boasting a number of great features including wide slots, which allow you to toast a variety of different breads and a handy reheat function, which brings cooled toast back up to the right temperature without burning it.As a leading technology and services company, we take advantage of our global opportunities for strong and meaningful development.

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  9. Try Bosch Contact Grill 1800 W Aluminium for making DELICIOUS FOOD AT

    Bosch Contact Grill 1800 W Aluminium

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    • 1800 watts for powerful grilling 
    • Dishwasher safe grill plates 
    • Sleek white finish - ideal for any kitchen 
    • Three position cooking surface 
    • Variable temperature control 
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  10. Shopping for Moulinex Ultra-Compact Sandwich Maker - White in Qatar, Doha, Kwait, Oman & UAE

    Moulinex Ultra-Compact Sandwich Maker 700 Watts White

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    With Moulinex Ultra-Compact Sandwich Maker, sandwiches will turn out perfectly. Now making a sandwich will feel like a hobby.

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  11. Multi-Function Break Time Moulinex in Qatar, Doha, Kuwait & UAE

    Moulinex Multi-Function Break Time Sandwich Maker 700 Watts Red

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    • Capacity: 2 Slices
    • Power: 700 Watts
    • 3 sets of Removable Non-stick Coated Plates for quick and easy meals any time of the day.
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    JM Posner - Home Crepe & Pancake Maker in Qatar at best price

    JM Posner Large Crepe / Pancake Maker 2900 W Red

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    Regular Price: QAR2,015.00

    Special Price: QAR1,699.00

    Globally, crepes have become much more popular in recent years. After running JM Posner's Crepe Maker a few times, you’ll understand crepes’ growing popularity. Now be the chef and create delicious Crepes in Minutes in the comfort of your own Home.


    • The Crepe Maker doubles up as a Pancake maker
    • Built in temperature Control for your perfect Crepe and Pancakes every time
    • Non-Stick Coated Plate on Pancake Maker - Effortless cleaning of the Crepe Machine
    • Kitchen Appliances - Includes a Wooden Crepe Spreader with the Crepe Makers
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  13. table top smoker grill, table top cooking grill, table top flat grill, top bbq grills, philips table top grill, table top natural gas grill,

    Philips BBQ Table Grill HD6321

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    Duo plate to create variety in your way. Smooth surface is ideal for gently cooking food like vegetables, fish, and shrimp; the ribbed surface for grilling pieces of meat like steak, hamburgers or sausages with irresistible grilling stripes.

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  14. Shop Online BBQs and Outdoor at

    Beko Table Grill & Plate 1500W Black

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    • Type Table barbecue
    • Combined Grill & Plancha Type
    • Oval shape
    • Color (s) Gray
    • Temperature level (s) Adjustable thermostat
    • Max temperature 230 °


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