Mixing And Blending

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    ramadan kitchen decoration Black & Decker 500 Watt Stick Blender with Chopper & Ice Crusher SB3240-B5 (Kitchen_Tools) Qatarbestdeals.com

    Black & Decker 500 Watt Stick Blender with Chopper & Ice Crusher SB3240-B5

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    Special Price: QAR249.00

    Black and Decker 4 in 1 hand blender is good for making milk shakes, baby food and other quick jobs. Black and Decker Hand blender flexible and easy to use. This stick blender have stainless steel blender shaft for add stability.

    This electric blender smart and 800 ml calibrated beaker for quick pureeing and also stainless steel whisking attachments for beating eggs and whipping cream. This multipurpose hand blender have ice crushing bowl with stainless steel blades. This hand blender have multipurpose stainless steel blades for blending, pureeing and emulsifying.

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  2. Bosch MSM6300GB Hand Blender and Accessories, 600 W in Qatar Doha

    Bosch Hand Blender 600 W

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    Excellent handling through soft touch handle and ergonomic shaping with up to 600Watts Power plus variable speeds setting Turbo button. This Slim and elegant hand blender is suitable for a variety of everyday cooking tasks.

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    Fast Home Delivery for Buy Bosch Blender 350W MMBM1P6RGB White Red

    Bosch Liquidizer & Blender 350W - White/Red

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    This Liquidiser and blender by Bosch has powerful 350 Watt motor and stainless steel knives that help process food in no time, making baby food and drinks on the go.

    • 350 W motor: Enough power for everydays preparation
    • Multi-purpose Stainless steel blade
    • For crushed ice and puree of vegetables and fruit
    • Liquidiser can be used to crush ice for cold drinks
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  4. Blender for sale - hand blender price in qatar best barun brands online store

    Braun Hand Blender MQ100

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    Braun Multiquick 1 Hand blender MQ 100: Purely what you need for easy and simple blending.

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  5. Braun Hand Blender MQ 775 qatar - big deals in doha

    Braun Hand Blender MQ775

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    The MQ7 series of hand blenders feature Smart Speed control, a revolutionary technology - the more you squeeze the more power you get. Increase the hand blender speed by gently pressing the speed regulator button. You can easily prepare all your recipes with one hand, changing the speed in real time, without interruptions. That means no more awkward speed dials. One squeeze, all speeds!

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    Buy Arzum Soprano Max Multi Blender Set 1000 W from Best Online Shop Qatar

    Arzum Soprano Max Multi Blender Set 1000 W White

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    Special Price: QAR255.00

    The Soprano Max Multi Blender utilizes the 1000 watt motor it is strong enough for any task.

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  7. New Top brands, moulinex, bosch, kitchenware tools,

    Lacor Personal Mix & Go Blender

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    The electric mixers of Bowl facilitate many tasks in our kitchen; In addition to mix liquids or semi-solid ingredients to prepare purées, baby food, sauces, creams, juices, and smoothies, allow to grind food.

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  8. The Best Performing Moulinex Multi Moulinette Chopper only with great discounts at QatarBestDeals.com

    Moulinex Multi Moulinette Chopper 400Watts

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    Suitable for all sorts of food, the Multi Moulinette has 2 speeds:

    • fast for hard ingredients (hazelnuts, chocolate, cereals, etc.)
    • slow for ingredients requiring a softer touch (onions, mushrooms)

    Make creamy milkshakes with the shaker!

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  9. buy kitchen tools online in Qatar

    Bosch Hand Mixer with Bowl 350 W White

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    • Stand and bowl for comfortable hands-free operation
    • Quiet but powerful: five different speed settings
    • Includes two stainless steel beaters and two kneading hooks for fantastic results
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    Buy online Lacor soup maker 1.70 L in Qatar, Doha, Kwait & UAE

    Lacor soup maker 1.70 L

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    Regular Price: QAR1,600.00

    Special Price: QAR999.00

    • Soup machine: blender for soups, sauces, purees, shakes, juices
    • Speed: 4
    • Power:700-900 W
    • Capacity: 1.7L
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  11. Specifications, reviews & price of Lacor electric cappucino mixer in Qatar

    Lacor electric cappucino mixer

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    • Functions: Froth, Stir, Whisk
    • Color: Silver & Black
    • Power Supply: 4 X AA Batteries
    • 4 Interchangeable Tips
    • Container (Shaker) with Lid
    • Capacity: 400 ml
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  12. Philips Stand Mixer  online in Qatar -features 400W 3L - kitchen tools price qatar

    Philips Stand Mixer 1565 400W 3L

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    Preparing delicious homemade cakes, pies and bread for your family has never been easier. This 400 W Philips stand and bowl mixer will do all the hard work for you, creating the perfect mixes in minutes. A truly handsfree kitchen helper.

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  13. Red Moulinex Multi Moulinette Mini Chopper for Red Kitchen Styles  in Qatar Doha and UAE

    Moulinex Multi Moulinette Mini Chopper 400 Watts Red

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    Mince, chop & mix your ingredients! The Moulinex Chopper AT712G61 will enable you to mince, chop and mix cooked meat, garlic, onions, herbs, sauces, mayonnaise, etc.

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  14. Buy super blender Moulinex Multi Moulinette XXL Chopper 500 Watts at QatarBestDeals.com

    Moulinex Multi Moulinette XXL Chopper 500 Watts

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    The Moulinex AT718A27 Multi Moulinette XXL Chopper delivers an efficient yet powerful performance, which is brought to you by its 500W motor and 800ml bowl. The chopper can blend, chop, mince, and mix all different kinds of ingredients with its versatile functions. 

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    تحضير الطعام بالمفارم مولينكس لامولينيت في ثوانٍ DPA144 at QatarBestDeals.com

    Moulinex Moulinette Mini Chopper 1000 Watts White

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    Regular Price: QAR209.00

    Special Price: QAR199.00

    With this chooper mince in only 3 pressures. No switch, La Moulinette begins to start when you press on the bowl. 

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    best blender chopper price in Qatar Doha qatarbestdeals

    Moulinex Food Chopper Moulinette XXL 1000 W Red

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    Regular Price: QAR369.00

    Special Price: QAR269.00

    The Moulinette XXL is very simple to use thanks to its 1-2-3 system. Its large 815 ml capacity and its 1000 W power allow you to prepare recipes in large quantities, making this appliance perfect for meals with family or friends.

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  17. Buy Moulinex Infiny Force Kitchen Aid Gift Set at best price in Qatar, Doha, Oman, Kwait & UAE

    Moulinex Infiny Force 700W Black/White

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    • Beaker
    • Turbo function
    • Activflow technology
    • Dishwasher safe
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  18. Buy the Light & Compact Hand Blender Prep Line from Moulinex at best price in Qatar, Doha, Kwait, Oman & UAE

    Moulinex Hand Blender Prep Line 750W White

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    • Durable detachable stainless steel shaft for easy cleaning
    • 2 stainless steel blades
    • Chopper Capacity : 800 ml
    • Beaker Capacity : 800 ml
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  19. buy Moulinex Turbo Mix Hand Blender in qatar at lowest price

    Moulinex Hand Blender 350W White/Red

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    The Moulinex Hand Blender is an elegantly designed kitchen appliance that blends and chops food items efficiently. With this blender, you can prepare snacks, smoothies or even whole meals easily by merely pressing the appropriate button.

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    Qatar Online Shop - Cheap Fruit Cutters by Bosch at QatarBestDeals.com

    Bosch Universal Processor 400W 0.8Ltr Red/Clear

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    Special Price: QAR99.00

    Combining design and a simple push-down operation, the Bosch MMR08R1GB Midi Chopper has a compact design with good performance.

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