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Lacor Chocolate Fountain 190W 18 cm 1.15Kg


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The chocolate fountain Lacor is a perfect gift. Be generous: give yourself to share with your family or friends. Be selfish, giving away it to someone in your family to enjoy you.
Quiet operation
Compact and easy to store with adjustable feet
Easy to assemble


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This chocolate fountain It creates a cascade of melted chocolate and keeps it hot to bathe with it our favorite snacks. Dessert or snack time will become a real celebration. Not just for kids, will cost any adult resist chocolate flowing constantly about 3 waterfalls.

With good ingredients and some imagination there are many options to get all the out to your chocolate fountain. Try more or less intense chocolate, white chocolate, or add spices (cinnamon, ginger powder, pepper, vanilla) and vary the ingredients that will bathe in chocolate: cut cake into cubes, small pastries, cookies, Frostings, nuts fruit becomes a delicatessen, even for people who normally do not eat it; In addition to classic strawberries, you will enjoy with sliced bananas or apples, berries, peaches, Pinauna healthy delight.

The chocolate fountain Lacor has a perfect finish. It consists of a base (high resistance ABS) enclosing the whole motor/heater and remote, and the top formed by a stainless steel tray that is placed on 3 levels Tower and propeller that raises the melted chocolate.


Characteristics of the chocolate fountain large:


Power: 190 W
Maximum capacity: 0.5 l
Temperature: 40-50 degrees
Tower height: 18 cm
Weight: 1.15 Kg
Overall size: 16 x 30 cm

To set up the chocolate fountain You must select the position "HEATING" with the control button to start the warming tray. Wait at least 5 minutes. By turning the knob to position "FOUNTAIN" will start the propeller rotation that will climb the chocolate inside the tower.

Make sure that the molten chocolate, which adds to the stainless tray does not exceed the recommended maximum weight to prevent it from spilling out of the tray. Check that the chocolate waterfall is homogeneous; If it is not, turn the leveling feet until the chocolate to flow evenly.

To turn off the chocolate fountain turn the buttons "FOUNTAIN" and "HEATING", placing the knob in the OFF position.


Cleaning recommendations:


This product is not suitable for dishwashers. Before cleaning make sure the appliance is unplugged and at room temperature.

Clean the chocolate fountain with abundant hot water without abrasive products or metal sponges which may damage the surfaces. Remove the remains of chocolate which could remain stuck in the trays of the tower and the main tray; carefully, remove the tower and propeller can have chocolate inside. Be sure to dry all surfaces correctly.

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